Stepping into an unfamiliar place for the first time can be a little intimidating and maybe even uncomfortable for some people - especially when it’s a church. We get that and have prepared our weekend celebration to be enjoyable and hassle-free. When you visit City Church, you can expect to feel welcomed and accepted from the moment you step through the door. While in the lobby or the auditorium, volunteers will always be close-by to answer any questions and make you feel welcome any way they can.

Once inside the auditorium, you will be encouraged by our worship team, relevant and inspiring presentations of the Gospel, and life-changing prayer times. You will notice that City Church is contemporary, up-beat, and simply put, fun, but more importantly, that it’s a Christ-centered church. That’s something we never apologize for - our church revolves around the message of Jesus and works hard at communicating it in a way that is authentic and life-giving.

All in all, what you can expect at City Church is pretty much what you could expect when visiting friends - to be respected, taken-care-of and to leave feeling that you’re glad you came.